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Are your current payment processing solutions working hard for you? At Mocik Consulting Group, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible insight and service.

The Mocik Method

Providing Personalized Solutions

With the ability to connect to nearly every system in the market, we are able to provide businesses the platforms and strategies needed to provide both drastic cost savings and operational improvements.

Douglas and the team not only make you PCI- Compliant, they keep you there! They stay in the know when it comes to any other industry-specific regulations and keep such things constantly monitored and up to date.

Unparalleled Professional Transparency

We are not here to recreate the wheel, we are here to make the wheel more efficient. We can work with your current solution and take the time to let you know what other hardware and software options are available. This eliminates the fear of the “learning curve” and figuring out a new system altogether. With this knowledge and information, you will be able to focus on other aspects of your business because you are confident that your payment processing is cost-effective and uncomplicated.

Compliance Comes Standard

Our solutions are EMV and PCI compliant and we continue to stay on the cutting edge of the latest requirements from the regulatory and governing agencies as well as the credit card companies. This means you’ll always have payment solutions that keep your business running smoothly.

Here’s how we can help you optimize your payment solutions.

Point of Sale (POS) & Terminals

A Great Fit For: Restaurants and retail businesses

How We Help: With access to nearly POS and terminal technology, you can take credit card payments of any kind, anywhere! All EMV and PCI Compliant

Virtual Gateways & Mobile Payment

A Great Fit For:  Business to Business, Card Not Present Transactions

How We Help: Our Virtual Gateway and Mobile Solutions allow businesses to process transactions anytime, anywhere. All of our solutions are PCI and HIPAA-compliant options so all customer information is stored securely. Virtual Gateways are great for any business where the card is not present at the time of sale. All of these systems can be tailored to your company’s look and feel and fully compliant and customizable.

Cash Discount Program & Surcharge Program

A Great Fit For: Businesses of All Kinds in any industry

How We Help:  We work directly with the card associations to provide our clients a fully compliant Cash Discount and Surcharge program. These programs were designed to benefit the client by eliminating their processing fees and keep them compliant with the technology and signage provided! Implementing a Cash Discount Program in your business will save you a tremendous amount of money!

Working Capital

A Great Fit For:  Small businesses from restaurants to retail   small business restaurant retail 

How We Help: Our Working Capital services allow you to make smart financial moves in your business. Whether that means investing in additional inventory and supplies, hiring new team members, or upgrading your tools or resources, you’ll have the money you need to grow and expand your business with confidence.  

Our SBA Partnership: Because we’re a Small Business Association (SBA) POS Partner, restaurants and other food establishments can now access the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) application through us.

Business To Business (B2B) & Interchange Optimization

A Great Fit For:  Business to Business organizations who take purchasing or corporate cards 

How We Help: Our Interchange Optimization allows your transactions to go through with targeted information that gets you to the most qualified interchange level possible. This means that the top credit card companies will automatically give you a lower processing fee. Our Interchange Optimization provides qualified applicants with instant access to Level 2 and Level 3 savings, enabling us to deliver a drastic reduction in your processing fees.

High Risk Merchant Account

A Great Fit For: Domestic solution for industries from CBD to online gambling etc.

How We Help: If you have had a hard time finding a merchant account for your business because it is considered high-risk, we can help. With strong industry and banking relationships, finding a home is easy!

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